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Friday, June 10, 2011

My after action review: Vanasupa

What worked? What would I celebrate?
  • I celebrate knowing my colleagues better;

Liz's reflection

I have to say that this entire process of participation in SUSTAIN over the past two years has been life giving for me. Not easy by any means, but it has consistently enabled me to grow as a person, teacher, friend, and co-worker. The only problem is that I am constantly confronted with my own shortcomings in all these areas. This has required a level of courage I never knew I are my reflections

Blog Requests to serve future collaborators

Hi all:
I am requesting that each person, before June 30, complete their own blog entry to enable the future success of other collaborations.

1. What worked? What would you celebrate?
2. What is missing or yet to be done in order for the 100-student freshman iniative to be successful?
3. What are your reflections on our last day's conversation?
4. What did you learn? Was there anything valuable?