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Sunday, March 18, 2012

our successes...don't forget them!

One of the things that we noticed during our last faculty collaboration meeting of the quarter was that we are intolerant of talking about our successes. We will spend hours on "problem solving" but after 10 minutes of reviewing what "went right," we were saying, "Okay, what is the point of this meeting?  Why are we talking about this?"

I also noticed my tendency to document my complaints, and not the celebrations. 

Here is a record of some of both. 

SUSTAIN Winter 2012 After Action Review

The good news/success of what we captured this quarter

it's all too much

miraculously, we have made it through the first quarter. to hear me talk, you'd think that we were in some sort of collective "donner pass"-hell scenario, when in fact we are simply learning together.