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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Samuel's Reflection

1. What worked? What would you celebrate?

The thought partners communicated effectively enough to develop a general framework for the learning experience. It may not be the case that we developed what was desired or intended, but it worked well for what was achieved.


I want to make sure you all know the status of our recruiting efforts. As I talk to people around campus and they are so open to help us spread the word, I am beginning to feel like this may actually happen. Below are a couple balls that are rolling....

-SOAR info booth during lunch at all the 10 sessions in August
-SOAR information session for students who want to learn more at all the 10 sessions in August
-WOW info booth at SLOBound in September
-facebook: search "sustainslo" and friend us

-Info sessions in the dorms during the first weeks of school

We have a couple students working with us, but could use more ideas and help. If you are interested, please contact me.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I need a new phrase

I have been writing a bunch of emails and using the dreaded phrase: "Cluster Faculty." I need a new word for the courses and faculty that will be working together to integrate content with each other and with the projects. How about.......

Gaggle Faculty,
Clump Faculty,
Huddle Faculty,
Flock Faculty,
Bundle Faculty,
Throng Faculty?

Help!!!! Please leave a comment with your suggestions.

John's reflection

Gosh, it's hard to write these things, especially if I have to follow two folks from the English department... Here goes.

1. What worked? What would you celebrate?
I thought that the process - to plan for this new way of educating students - worked, though it was slow, awkward, and bumpy at times. Even the process had to be different, because no one has tried this before, so I guess I'm not surprised.

Kathryn's reflection

1. What worked? What would you celebrate?
I enjoyed spending two hours a week with colleagues outside my discipline and college. I met some for the first time (John, Liz, Colleen, Samuel, Nina, Pete, and Matt), and got re-acquainted with others (Linda, Ginger, Dan, Chance, and Neal). I celebrate the fact that faculty from across the university are committed to student success and to finding ways to make students’ education more meaningful.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Reflecting: Ginger

Here are my thoughts.

1. What worked? What would you celebrate?
I celebrate being invited to have a voice in a university project. I celebrate using the voice that I have, even though I am unaccustomed to using it on campus. I celebrate the great welcoming that I experienced from the existing Sustain group and the group's excitement to do something meaningful for students, something not yet done.