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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Some more data...

I asked the SUSTAIN students a few simple questions in order to undated some of the financial analysis. I am still working on the financial analysis, but here are a few tidbits of information. 
  • When asked if they are leaving Cal Poly next year 2 of the 37 answered "yes." This is a 94% retention rate approximately equal to Cal Poly's one-year retention rate of 93% in 2010.
  • When asked if they are considering a major change, 13 (48%) said they are.  Of the 13,  9 indicated they were considering a change before entering SUSTAIN. For comparison purposes each year 6% of Cal Poly students change major.
  • When asked if SUSTAIN had helped them to determine there "life's work," 15 (67%) answered in the affirmative. 
  • Finally, 30 out of 37 students indicated they wanted to help next year in SUSTAIN. 

What are the differences?

Of course, there are no perfect measures of anything.  We used an instrument called the Course Valuing Inventory. It has four scales within it: Course Valuing, Course Learning, Personal Learning, Behavioral Learning.