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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I need a new phrase

I have been writing a bunch of emails and using the dreaded phrase: "Cluster Faculty." I need a new word for the courses and faculty that will be working together to integrate content with each other and with the projects. How about.......

Gaggle Faculty,
Clump Faculty,
Huddle Faculty,
Flock Faculty,
Bundle Faculty,
Throng Faculty?

Help!!!! Please leave a comment with your suggestions.


  1. I like "flock"... we are a flock no?

  2. Pod faculty? We be the whales of curriculum change!

  3. Teaching Pods
    Thinking Pods
    Faculty Team (sorry, that one's boring--but I'm brainstorming here. No judgement. No judgement.)
    Faculty Glop (just kidding)

    Question before I can proceed: what does the word "cluster" want to refer to--the group of faculty teaching the students or the group of students they will be teaching?

  4. I think "cluster" refers to the courses.....

  5. I am reluctant to suggest it because it is long, not catchy, and perhaps obvious: collaborative faculty?

  6. I like the phrases "linked courses" and "faculty team" (I don't think it's boring, Ginger!). The courses are designed to be linked together by the idea of project-based learning, right? And the faculty are teaching together, all part of Team Sustain. We could even get jerseys. . . .

  7. Why a descriptive name? Why not just "Bob"? Maybe "HAL"? "Jane"?

  8. Different flocks have different names: owls are parliament, a gaggle of geese, group of crows- murders, etc. So, if we could become the "poly parliament".

    @Ginger and Linda-only if we can get shoes to match!