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Friday, September 23, 2011

Volatility...can we ride it out?

I am tempted to only track the positive experiences in this journey. But I have to say that I experience a great deal of volatility, cycling between excitement and despair.  I don't know that we're actually going to do this until it starts.

Roger suggests that we are likely to increasingly encounter repeated roadblocks to the actual start of our small little experiment.  We are genuinetly intervening in a collapsing system.
The most recent impossibility is that the Physics department has informed us that we need to put Pete's involvement to a vote before they are willing to allow these courses to take place. It is probably the case that we were told this a long time ago, but lost track of it. Of course, if Pete is not allowed, we will need to fold this year.  The vote takes place this coming Thursday.

I've also received emails from academic advisors who have claimed that their students can't participate because they would need 20 units per quarter.  Of course, they would take the same students as transfers who haven't taken the courses that are built into the freshmen sequence that they insist that students take.

What is funny is that the idealized version of the curricular flowcharts almost never match what is actually done, because students have difficulty getting the prescribed courses.  What this means is that all the classes that we think are necessary, necessarily ordered in a sequence, are apparently not so necessary.

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