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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

E-portfolio papers

I wanted to share the articles that were forwarded to me regarding e-portfolios. Thought you might be interested in checking them out. This selection of articles came out of a conversation that Helen and I had prior to the start of fall concerning my use of e-portfolios with my students. Our conversation focused more of software options. If I recall correctly, Moodle does not have a wiki function or if it does, it is rather poor.

I also have a copy of Ruth Rominger's 25 minute presentation on e-portfolios. Ruth's presentation focuses on the function that e-portfolios serve in a learning environment. I attempted to post that as well, however, the file is too large. I will burn a copy and put it in the SUSTAIN office. (Probably won't be there before finals week.) If interested, you may view it. Ruth is known nationally (if not worldwide) for her work in open source education and e-portfolios. - using Mahara

SUNY Stony Brook -- see example given by Jeff Yan to Molecular Biophotonics Lab

More about SUNY Stony Brook's ePortfolio initiative:

Virginia Tech ePortfolios:

Salt Lake Community College's ePortfolio program

Chen, H.L., & Black, T.C. (2010). Using e-portfolios to support an undergraduate learning career: An experiment with academic advising . Educause Quarterly Magazine, 33(4). Available for download from:

Chen, H.L., Williams, R., & Thomas, B. (2011). Piloting ePortfolios to support assessment FOR learning . Poster presented at the 2011 Assessment and Evaluation Poster Fair, Office of the Vice Provost for Student Affairs, Stanford University, Stanford, CA. Available at:

Florida State's Career ePortfolio

And the ePortfolio community of practice I co-facilitate is called EPAC and is a listserv that is free to join --
join listserv here:


  1. Thanks Nina. It is good to have all this information!

  2. Nina, i love that you're becoming our e-portfolio master.