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Thursday, December 29, 2011

T - 5 days!

I am a bit panicked about the looming launch. I am trying to remember this is my natural state at this point in the year; it might not have anything to do with SUSTAIN. This might actually be less stressful because we are all in this together. I really like working with my colleagues. Linda is an incredibly hard worker. Nina is so full of hope and a positive can-do attitude. Pete is relaxed in a way that sometimes makes me nervous, but I can see the wisdom in it too. Tom is comfortable with experimenting with new course design. Roger can make any moment a teaching moment. And Ginger is so loving and encouraging, not to mention funny. An there is always Neal and Dan who have our back. I don't think there is a better bunch of people to embark on this adventure with.
I do think my challenge is to appreciate the moment and not let my own personal issues decrease to adventure. I hope I can do this.
We are meeting on the 2nd to finalize the first week, but then there is the second week and beyond.....I think I will make a list of things that I am worried about as a kind of data dump:
1) integrating projects into the class mix
2) creating a robust feedback system for SUSTAIN
3) Coordinating the upperclassman who will be helping us out
4) Researching the students (administering surveys, video taping class time, etc.)
5) Researching the faculty and upper classman (surveys and video taping, experimenting and documenting)
6) thinking about next year's classes and recruiting (2013!)
7) planning for Spring quarter with the new faculty who haven't been active
8) analyzing data and writing papers
9) .....

Not to mention the other classes we are all teaching and the committee work and such. Oh, I think that is enough for now

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