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Monday, August 29, 2011


Liz, Roger and I met with the Provost this morning. Well, I don't want to keep anyone hanging.

We're moving forward, sort of as planned. Starting in the winter.  Our criteria is that we are not getting ANY special treatment from the institution. We are not getting special rooms, students are not getting any special priority in registration. They will be registering in the same process as everyone else.  The message to us is "trust the system."

What this means is that there is a risk that the students will not be able to get enough courses that progress them toward their degree requirements.  There is also a risk that a student who begins in the SUSTAIN grouping in Winter will have the drop out in Spring because he or she cannot get a course that fits with their schedule.

We first met for an hour before that to talk about what we wanted to accomplish in the meeting. We went in with a strategy of having Liz present our request: Priority registration for students in SUSTAIN. It turns out, unbeknownst to us, that this was equivalent to hitting the Provost in the eye with a red hot poker.

Anyway, we did recover altogether and forward we go...

The good news is that the window of recruitment has expanded up until about November 1, because we are no longer hampered by the scheduling requirements.


  1. Just a bureaucratic (but positive) comment. We don't really need a formal "priority" registration for the students. We can use the system that is out there to insert "permission of the instructor" comment for our particular sections or even "see instructor for permissions" so that no one signs up unless we allow them. Granted, this is a bit clunkier but we should get the same results. Also, we can insert a comment into PASS associated with the particular sections of the class that this is a special SUSTAIN SLO section and that only those students who have applied to SUSTAIN will be allowed in. In an odd way, this might get students curious about the program (granted, very late but if we are down numbers this might help us get to 100). We could add the URL into the comment. So, this could be a lemonade out of lemons situation.

  2. This is confusing, but I want to clarify: Students will be taking 3 courses (12 units) from a list of linked "SUSTAIN" courses. These courses are hidden, in that they do not show up on PASS. Students will be given Permission numbers for these courses. These 3 courses are scheduled in the afternoon: 2 through 6 Monday through Thursday and Friday 1 to 4. The 4th course will be chosen by the student. It can be Math, Stat or some other required course. This last course has to be taken before 1 or after 6. What we requested from the provost is to allow the students priority so that they could get a course during that time frame. This is what he denied. Hope that helps. ....I might have confused you all more.