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Saturday, October 22, 2011

the invisible hand of roger

since bill torbert's visit, i've been thinking a great deal about roger. what is entirely invisible to the outside world, perhaps, or even the inside world, is the work of roger.

what we are doing, in my view, has been nurtured by roger burton. he has "held" the aspirations in a way that helps us all believe in the impossible.  i have somehow forgotten this along the way and forgotten to be grateful.

the way i remembered is in seeing bill here. i expected bill to be a kind of hero. what i saw instead was the surgical-like precision and insight of roger. of course, roger has brought himself into our system for two years now, so he has a deeper base of experiential knowledge from which he can draw.

there is something very spiritual and other-worldly that must happen when an initiative is coming into being. someone has to "hold" this possibility in a disciplined way.  it is a practice of constantly returning to "why" we're doing this.

i can see that roger has been invisibly holding this part of the initaitive...probably kind of alone.

i have been rather caught up in the drama of my own life.  i began an experiment in healing about a year and a half ago and i'm a bit in the thick of it.  i feel that i've allowed myself to be irresponsible while i've been narcissistically attending to my "self."  but this has left roger alone and i can see it now.

today i am setting my mind on the task of returning to the discipline of holding our aspirations.

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