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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Borrowing hope

I am in quite a state. I am simultaneously angry and sad and frustrated and tired. Those who are closest to me see this in horrible relief. Roger and Linda and I just had a 45 session where each of us displayed our habitual coping in the face of being overwhelmed....I think.

Anyway, so you have this as a backdrop, I have no hope, but I am remembering what I love about my job. I can observe and feel the hope of the students. At 20 or 22, they believe they can still change the world, make a difference. They haven't had bosses tell them their idea is stupid (too much). They haven't run in to obstructionists (too often). They think things can change. I am hungry for this so I watch and listen. My happiest times are in the classroom, being with these remarkable people.

Today, it is a necessity.

P.S. the course Linda spoke about in the last blog was approved, without me shedding a tear (which if you know me is quite an accomplishment).

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