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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

every one's an expert

i am writing this in a half-amused, half-crazed state.  as i write, liz in probably in a faculty meeting where her faculty are determining whether or not they will allow her to teach a class for which she is fully qualified to teach.

what we didn't know when we began this rather simple (but complex) experiment in learning is that we would have to change the entire university system to do it.

what we are finding is that when we take a step in the existing system to do something like schedule a class or reserve a room, people mistakenly believe we have invited to sit in judgment over our entire initiative from their place of superficial understanding.  it is quite interesting how consistent the pattern is...from department chairs to academic advisors to deans of graduate research, to colleagues who have no intention of getting involved with is remarkable.

this is not universal.  many people are actually intrigued and want to know more.  in fact, it is probably more the norm that people are interested.  it is just that now we are in the thick of managing the various pockets of resistance.

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