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Thursday, October 27, 2011

letting go

i feel myself letting go of the possibility that we'll ever get to run the SUSTAIN initiative with the students as we had hoped. i'm recording this so that i can hopefully look back after we've done it and say , "see? one just has to have a little faith."

today was allegedly our application blitz.  we have about 4 completed applications on-line (about 30 people attempting to do them), about 16 in hand, some that are probably duplicates of the ones on line.

we've had all kinds of students (probably now a few hundred) express significant interest.

all of us have bets riding on how many applications we will have by 5 PM tomorrow night. roger and i talked about what we would do if we didn't have enough student interest.  we can't really do it unless we have about 75 students.

i'm feeling like it was my horrible mistep in creating the on-line process that has possibly killed our chance to launch the iniatitive this year.

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  1. It is funny, Linda blaming herself, I feel like this MY coping mechanism....not hers. I was just thinking about when Linda AND I designed the application system. Why didn't I think it through better? Why did I agree that students can handle the process, when they couldn't. Ugggg......